This is me.

Hi, there. I’m Brook. I’m a writer by day, and a writer by night. That’s right: I spend the majority of my waking hours writing. I have a thing for words. When I’m not lovingly stringing them together, I’m ruthlessly tearing them apart.

The work I’m best at is refiguring a brand by solving communications issues, aligning brand look and feel, writing strong key messaging, and developing compelling content. I’ve led rebranding efforts at Hyde Park Art Center, a 75-year old visual arts nonprofit on Chicago’s South Side and Solomon Cordwell Buenz, an 85-year old architecture, planning, and interior design firm. I’ve also worked with small businesses, artists, photographers, and stylists to develop their own branding, messaging, and visual identities.

My writing has appeared in Newcity, The Rainbow Times, and The Seen: Chicago’s International Art & Design Blog. In my spare time, I work with the Taproot Foundation to offer my writing and editing expertise on a pro bono basis to nonprofits that lack the resources to develop their own marketing materials, and occasionally write other stuff for fun.

Other things I’m into: animals, food, teaching yoga, and playing the ‘ukelele.

Check out my resume, and browse samples of my work on this site’s pages. Get in touch by filling out the form below. I’d love to hear from you.



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