Converse + Expand: Increasing a project’s scope gives a client the brand messaging he needs

Sal Misseri is an award-winning stylist, colorist, and photographer who experienced a meteoric rise to success: he went from graduating from Brown Aveda Institutes in Ohio to running them just a couple years later.

Misseri, now Creative Director of the Institutes and their associated Ladies & Gentlemen salons in Cleveland and Chicago, asked me to write a bio for a new website he was developing. Having known Sal for about three years (full disclosure: Sal styles my hair), I met with him for a couple hours to talk about his upbringing, education, and work.

Sal’s multifaceted work as a stylist, educator, and photographer led me to realize he needed more than just a bio. He needed branding language for every page of his website that would capture his passion, approach, style, personality, and range of talents.

Below are some mockups using quotes I pulled from our conversation. To see all the copy in action, visit








Hair by Sal Misseri. Photography by Babak.